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    MHA is governed by a volunteer board of directors. We are here to help make your MHA experience a great one. Look for us at MHA events and say hi. We look forward to meeting you!

  • Sandy Foutz

    My name is Sandy Foutz. I am the mother of 5 amazing kids. We began homeschooling in 2006 and have loved it ever since. Our family motto is we work, learn, play, and serve together, and that is what we do. We especially like the play part. We moved to MN in 2011 and have [...]

    homeschooling since 2006

  • Ellen Crain

    I’ve been homeschooling since I failed to put our oldest on the bus to kindergarten in 2006. Our family includes a 7-year-old son, 11- and 12-year-old daughters, a big dog, a turtle, my husband, me, and whatever pets my kids have talked us into lately. We are “whatever works” homeschoolers — we draw from lots [...]

    homeschooling since 2006

  • Erin Souster

    Erin has been homeschooling in South Minneapolis for the past eight years, employing humor, trust, adventure, luck, and other various techniques as her children have grown. Though her responsibilities as chief ringleader of the Souster circus (three boys; two rambunctious dogs; and a constantly confused, yet supportive husband), and working outside the home keep her [...]

    Vice President

    Homeschooling Since: 2005

  • Tara Koons

    Hi. I’m Tara Koons. Our family began our homeschooling adventure in 2010 after attending a motivating MHA Information Station. It’s been all fun and games ever since! With three daughters and a son, and we are busy learning and having fun every day. We especially love hanging out at nature centers, spending time with friends, [...]


    Homeschooling Since 2010

  • Valerie Geary

    Hi, I am Valerie. I have been part of the homeschool community for 10 years. My husband and I have four amazing kids, ages 16, 12, 9 and 9. I homeschool because I believe the best learning comes from life and interest. I homeschool because growing up shouldn’t mean growing apart, and having shared experiences [...]


    Homeschooling Since 2003

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