Want to sell books at the MHA used book fair but the “how to” of pricing is holding you back?  Using the past book sale as a benchmark for what sold the best and what was left wistfully hoping for a new home, here are a few tips to get you started…

  • Set aside your emotions.  The emotional attachment to that “great” curriculum could very easily cause you to overinflate the price and, instead of pocketing some change, you end up lugging home a heavy box.

  • Peruse Ebay, Amazon, or other used book sites for some comparison pricing….keep in mind, the quality of the curriculum plays a role in a higher or lower price. Pricing it just under online sites and standing stores, like Half Priced Books, makes a price that a buyer is certain to grab now!

  • Items should be visible (ziplock bags are useful for materials that need to be contained). Larger sets of books that are sealed in boxes are usually passed over since the buyer cannot see at a glance what items are included and what shape they are in.

  • Consider selling large curriculums in separate pieces.  This increases your chances of it being bought and gives buyers the option to get everything or only what they need.

  • Unpopular or unfamiliar items should be priced low.  Many people are unwilling to shell out much money for items that they do not know much about, or if it will be compatible with their child/children.

  • Remember there will most likely be several of the same popular items so keep in mind that your copy will be at a table with identical products and price accordingly.

  • A hundred dollar price tag does not sell well.

The sale may not make you rich, but it might provide enough pocket change for a fun family event or even give you a boost of funds to funnel back into more curriculum!!