How does the MHA used book and curriculum sale work?

This sale is different…no renting a table, no manning it all day in the hopes to make back your table rental fee. For the MHA sale, you register as a seller and we send you personalized tags to use to price your items. You price everything and drop it off at a designated drop off location before the sale. We sort the items by category, organize everything and conduct the sale, using your assigned tag number to track your sales total.

At the end of the sale, we figure out how much each seller made and mail out checks to sellers for their individual total, minus their 10-15% surcharge to help cover the cost of the sale. (Premium members contribute 10%, free members contribute 15% of their total sales.) You only contribute based on how much you sell.

How do I get my tags?

You will be emailed your tags in the form of a pdf within 24 hours of registering.

Why do I have to be a member to register for the MHA sale?

In order to keep track of your information (so that we can pay you after the sale is over), you will need to have a user name and account for our database. You can choose a paid or free membership with which to register.

How much does it cost to register?

Registration for the sale is free. You only contribute based on your total of sales, 10-15% depending on your membership level. (Paid members contribute 10%, free members contribute 15%)

Do tags need to be printed on any particular color or style paper?

The answer is no–any color, including white, will do. As long as the price is clearly visible, it will work. Same goes for what kind of pen to use; anything clearly visible. No pencil, please.

Any tips on pricing?

There is no suggested price list, but you can find some suggestions of things to consider here.

What happens to the books that aren’t sold?

You can designate during the registration process whether you’d like to pick up your unsold books after the sale or if you want to donate them to MHA. If you donate your leftover items, MHA takes them to a book reseller and applies the cash received to cover the costs of the sale.

Will there be a “free” box or area if there are things I just want to give away?

Yes–this was added by popular demand! Be sure to tag those items as “free,” though so we can keep them straight. You will be sent a sheet of free labels you can simply print and tape if you have many items.

Can I include adult books (fiction or nonfiction) for the sale?

Sort of…we will be taking adult non-fiction books, but only those related to homeschooling. We have limited space and want to maintain the focus of the sale on homeschooling materials. So, please, no other adult books, including general parenting books. We reserve the right to exclude books that do not fit these parameters.

Can I box up my old set of encyclopedias (or other large set of books) to sell?

Yes, put it in a sturdy box with a label on the outside, but do not seal it shut. Buyers won’t haul home something they can’t inspect. And, you may want to price it to sell, as someone will have to feel like they are getting a steal to be persuaded to bring home something so unwieldy.

What are some examples of categories I should sort my stuff into?

Here’s a general list of categories:

  • Preschool
  • Science
  • Math
  • Art/Music
  • History/Geography/Social Studies
  • Language Arts
  • Foreign Languages
  • Computer Curriculum
  • Software/other multi-media
  • Full-Year Curriculum Sets (remember to box these, please, and include a list of what’s in the box)
  • Manipulatives/Educational Games/Puzzles (please seal these and indicate if sets or games are complete)
  • Kids’ Books — Fiction
  • Kids’ Books — Nonfiction
  • Homeschooling “How-To” Books

How we end up sorting and the final categories will somewhat depend on how much stuff we end up with in each category. When in doubt, sort more specifically, even if you feel like you are making up your own category. We can always combine items later.

How does the drop off work?

The MHA trailer will be visitng several designated spots around the Twin Cities in the weeks before the sale. Those times and locations are included in the email that arrives with your tags. There is also a time for drop off at the sale site the night before the sale. These drop offs are staffed by MHA board members and volunteers who will help you load your priced and sorted  items into the trailer or building. If you are truly unable to make it to any of the predesignated drop offs, please contact us at to make alternate arrangements.

What about volunteering?

This is a very fun event to help with! And if you volunteer, you get to preshop the sale the night before the general public, so big bonus there, too! We are largely looking for volunteers for the night before the sale to help sort and organize all the books. We will start sorting and displaying items at 5pm and hope to have everything set up by 8pm. Preshopping will happen directly after the sale and will continue until 10pm. Please indicate your interest in volunteering on your registration form (sellers). Or if you are not selling, but still interested in helping, email us at and let us know! We will contact interested parties a couple weeks before the sale with more information and to check availability.

How and when is the money distributed to sellers?

After the sale, we tally everyone’s sales by their personalized number and mail out checks with each seller’s proceeds within 7-10 days following the sale.

Have other questions not addressed here?

Please contact us at! We are happy to help!