The MHA Science Fair is  held annually. It is open to homeschooled students in grades K-12.





MHA’s Science Fair Goals

  • To support teaching science to homeschooled kids
  • To provide a forum for them to share and present the results of their work

The Basics

There are 3 ways to participate in the MHA Science Fair:

  1. Conduct an experiment, using the scientific method, and share your method and results
  2. Research a scientific topic of interest and present what you have learned
  3. Build a rubber-band powered vehicle, (following the rules) and compete in the Rubber-band Vehicle competition at the fair

The registration fee is applied per project. The cost to participate is $10 per project registered. Students are welcome to work in teams and should register together for a single project.

Judging is available, but optional for grades 4-12 for experimental and research projects. Grades K-3 and older kids who do not wish to be judged will have the opportunity to talk to the judges about their projects and will each receive a participant ribbon.

Each judged entry will require: *

  • pre-registration
  • a written summary (grades 4-6) or report (grades 7-12) submitted one week before the fair
  • a project display
  • a brief oral presentation for the judge

Non-judged entries are expected to meet all requirements except the written summary and oral presentation.

Rubber-band powered vehicles must meet all the design requirements to participate in the competition.  They may be found here.

*More details about how to meet these requirements are
in the Science Fair Handbook. Both new and experienced science fair participants are urged to read the handbook– we have made some changes this year!