Welcome to the MHA Used Book Sale! Have you been looking for a particular curriculum at a good price? Wishing you could get your hands on several different books to see what they’re really like? Wanting a place where you could browse for ideas? OR are you looking to unload some curriculum or education-related books and games? You’ve come to the right place! MHA’s Used Book Sale is back!!

If you have never been to an MHA Used Book Sale, it is a little different kind of sale— better for both sellers and shoppers:

For Sellers:

No table to staff, no having to stick around all day!

You price your items and drop them off with us the night before the sale. Return again at the end of the sale to help sort unsold items and take your remaining items home.

We organize and display the items by category, collect the money and then pay you for what sells, minus a 15 percent fee to help cover the cost of the sale. So, whether you have a lot or a little, you only contribute based on the amount you earn!

Sellers registration is closed. See you next year!

For Shoppers:

Dozens of sellers mark their items, which are then combined and sorted by subject to make your shopping easier. Find and compare items in subject areas such as math, science, language arts, history, preschool, foreign language and more!

And, pay for all your items at once via our convenient central check-out!

Volunteers Needed!

We are looking for volunteers to help set up the book sale on May 10th from 6-9pm and to help out with the sale on May 11th, 10am-2pm and/or 2pm-6pm. All volunteers may pre-shop the sale (up to $200) either May 10th after set-up or May 11th at 9:30am. Spaces are limited!! Please contact mha@homeschoolers.org if you are interested!