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One of the most vital facets of homeschooling success for both parents and kids alike is finding other homeschoolers to connect with. Sometimes you just need someone who’s “been there” to bounce an idea off of, to share a triumph with or to get advice from for those inevitable questions. There are lots of homeschoolers out there — here are just a few of the ways for you to plug in to our Minnesota homeschool community!

Attend MHA Events!

MHA sponsors a number of events each year, which can be a fun and rewarding way to connect with other homeschoolers face-to-face. Our members also organize and post to our Yahoo group (MHA Yahoo Group home page) about additional events that you might like to attend with your kids — concerts, plays, museum tours, park days — the list is endless. The hardest part of being a homeschooler today is finding time to enjoy all of these great activities!

Homeschooling in the internet age makes those frequent homeschool questions not only quickly and easily answered, but answered by a variety of people who may have different perspectives and experiences to share. Here are some places to look for local homeschoolers online.

Join the MHA Yahoo Group!

In addition to the events arranged by MHA members and local homeschool groups regularly posted on our MHA Yahoo Group list, this is also a great place to bring all those questions that crop up, ranging from curriculum to educator discounts to how to homeschool with a new baby. This is also a great place to introduce yourself and find out if there are other homeschoolers in your area. There’s a tremendous amount of activity in the Minnesota homeschooling community, and MHA’s Yahoo Group will keep you on top of it all!

If you’re not a member of our Yahoo! Group, it’s easy and free to join. New and existing MHA members can subscribe by visiting the MHA Yahoo Group home page and clicking on “Join This Group!”

Like MHA on Facebook!

Like us on Facebook and receive regular MHA postings in your news feed, as well as reminders about events and chances to be part of the discussion about homeschooling in Minnesota.

Check Out Our Partner Site, Homeschool Adventures!

Another great local resource is Homeschool Adventures. Visit them at their website, or join the Homeschool Adventures Yahoo group to stay updated on tons of great “homeschool adventures” for you and your family. This group is focused specifically around homeschool activities such as field trips, shows, classes, and tours organized by fellow homeschoolers.

It is easy to jump in and participate in one of the many regular offerings! Or give back and plan an event yourself to open up to the homeschool community. Once you subscribe, you may participate in or post any great event or opportunity that you’d like to share. Be sure to include the details of your event (date, time, place, nature of event, any admission costs or requirements, age restrictions, etc).

The key to building a network of friends and system of support for your homeschooling journey is to put yourself out there! You might feel shy about posting to the Yahoo group with a question or introduction, but you’ll be glad you took the chance when the supportive responses come rolling in. It can be difficult to walk up and introduce yourself to that other parent with kids your kids’ ages, but remember that the greatest of friendships grow out of a simple “hello.” And, you already have one huge thing in common to chat about — homeschooling!