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You’ll need some basic information about the law if you’re a homeschooling family. That may sound intimidating, but don’t let it bother you. The law is not very complicated, and we’ve created some forms that make it even easier to understand. Thousands of other homeschooling families have sorted this out, and you will too!

In the simplest terms, Minnesota requires homeschoolers to do three main things:

  • Report yearly their intent to begin or continue homeschooling
  • Submit immunization information once when starting homeschooling and again at the start of seventh grade
  • Administer and maintain records of instruction and yearly testing of their children

Reporting Basics

  • When people talk about “reporting” to your school district that you will be homeschooling, they are referring to the process of filling out a form and then sending it into the district superintendent’s office.
  • There are two different forms, depending on if you are just starting your first year of homeschooling (Initial Report to the Superintendent) or beginning subsequent years (Letter of Intent to Continue Homeschooling.)
  • Parents do not need to declare their intent to homeschool or file any forms until their child reaches the school year after they turn seven years old.
  • Once your child is seven or older, you must submit your forms either within 15 days of removing your child from school (if you begin during the school year) or by October 1st (if you are starting homeschool in the fall and not sending your child back to school.)

Please see our Reporting page for more specifics
about reporting and to access the MHA reporting forms.

Immunization Reporting Basics

  • Homeschoolers must submit an immunization report with their other paperwork once when they first declare their intent to homeschool and again at the beginning of each student’s seventh-grade year.
  • Parents who have chosen to decline immunizations for medical reasons or due to conscientiously held beliefs must also report on that same schedule, but are instead required to submit a notarized statement about their child’s immunization status.

Please see our Immunizations page for more specifics,
including forms and a “conscientiously held beliefs” template.

Annual Testing Requirement Basics

  • Homeschooled children ages 7-17 are required to be given a standardized exam yearly. Children who are younger or older are exempt from compulsory instruction and are exempt from the requirement.
  • Not every standardized test meets Minnesota’s requirements, but there are tests that do that are easily obtained and administered.
  • The exam to be used during the year must be listed on the annual reporting form and must be agreed to by the superintendent. You can change your mind or your plan for testing during the year and just update the superintendent with any new details.
  • The results of these exams are NOT reported to the state.
  • There are several options for what style of test you’d like to use, including the standard fill-in-the-bubble test, a few interview-style verbal options and even an online option.

Please see our Yearly Testing page for more specifics, including
resources for where to research and order testing materials.

For additional help with navigating Minnesota law as it applies to homeschoolers, see our FAQs page, refer back to the applicable statues, or read through this plain-language document created by the Minnesota Department of Education.