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Minnesota law requires homeschooling families to report certain information to their school district once a year. The specific statute that addresses reporting, Minn. Stat. 120A.24, subd. 1, is fairly easy to read and understand.

One of the easiest ways to learn what and how to report is to “walk through” the two-page form we have prepared to help you comply with the Minnesota requirements. If you print a copy of the form, you can fill in the blanks with your family’s information while you’re reading through it:

  • Initial Report to Superintendent (PDF) – This is the form homeschoolers fill out when they first begin homeschooling AND when their child reaches age 7.  (Note: If your child is under age 7 but was previously enrolled in public school, you may need to file this form upon removing them from school. See Minn. Stat. 120A.22, subd. 6e)

Reporting By Letter

Many MHA members use the MHA Homeschool Reporting Forms above to submit their annual homeschool report, but you don’t have to use a form at all. Some of our members prefer to simply write a letter report to their school district.

Other Reporting Forms

It’s important to understand that there are many different reporting forms in the Minnesota homeschooling community. Your school district may have forms of its own that it wants you to use, or may routinely send you the Minnesota Compulsory Instruction Report (PDF), a form created by the Minnesota Department of Education. It may even say you “have” to use their forms. You don’t. There is no legal requirement for which form you use; the law only addresses what information you must provide.

Many homeschoolers prefer not to use forms that ask for more information than the law requires. MHA’s advice on reporting is to simply take a few minutes to learn the law, and then just report what the law requires. This avoids setting any precedent that could later be used to increase the reporting burdens of all Minnesota homeschoolers.

Whatever form you choose, always keep a photocopy of your annual report for your records. Referring back to this year’s report will make filling out next year’s form even easier. Also, many keep a copy of their report handy in their wallets to use as identification as homeschoolers.