What’s New at MHA? I don’t even know where to begin! Conference, website, membership, logo, registration . . .

NEW Website!

Let’s start with the all-new website, since you can also find all the other fantastic changes there — including, for the first time, MHA-hosted online registration to the conference, as well as all our future events. You can still find us at www.homeschoolers.org.  The MHA website is full of information available to everyone!

Need forms or want to know more about PSEO or annual testing?  Thinking about homeschooling or been doing it forever? Our website is the place for you.  Our new website was designed to be easy to navigate and useful to MHA members.  Give it a test drive and see how it runs!

NEW Membership Options!

In an effort to more effectively represent and support the growing Minnesota homeschool community, we have added a FREE membership option for those who might still be on the fence about homeschooling, but who want to start being in “the know” on what homeschooling’s all about.

We will also continue to have our paid membership, now called “Premium” which will provide those members with our all-new MHA home educator ID and membership card, plus discounts to our events. The choice is yours. We hope that active homeschoolers in Minnesota will continue to help support MHA’s work financially, but the free membership option makes it possible to participate even if you aren’t ready to commit to supporting MHA or you simply can’t afford the membership fee at this time.

Whatever works best for your family–regardless of your membership level, MHA wants to work to support and serve all Minnesota homeschoolers.  Your will also now be able to manage your membership and account information online, so your choice can change from year to year. And there is always the option to upgrade to a premium membership at any time.

If you have purchased a membership in the past twelve months, you have automatically been added to the system as a “Premium” member. To log into your account and reset your password, simply go to website and follow the “Forgot your password?” link.

Our new online event registration for MHA events such as the Annual Conference requires you to be either a free or premium member to log in to the registration materials.  Don’t worry — it’s quick and easy to become a member. In fact, the  registration form has been simplified. We are still interested in knowing a few things about the MHA homeschool community, such as ages of children, in order to best create events and activities that fulfill our members needs. But rest assured that information is used only to help us plan and assess the needs of the MHA community and is never shared with other businesses or organizations.


Conference registration is open!  Read more about the conference goals, find workshops descriptions and when you are ready— click the register button!

  • You asked for more time to connect with other homeschoolers so we have added more directed community building as well as plenty of time to chat during lunch.

  • We’ve also responded to feedback from last year that indicated there were mixed feelings about having a keynote speaker be a large part of the day. Many felt that being able to tailor their experience by choosing your own topics via workshops was more valuable. So we have revamped the schedule and have included additional workshop opportunities. This is a test year for this new format and we hope it better meets the needs of all attendees.
  • Also new this year is the ability to register online right on our website using your credit card without having to have a Paypal account. You can still pay by check if you choose but you can also enter in credit card information that will be used only for this event and removed from the payment system immediately.

MHA + HSA = Better Homeschooling

Another exciting announcement is the partnership between MHA and Homeschool Adventures.  We will kick off this relationship with a co-sponsored picnic on August 15th and continue it with easy access to the HSAdventures website via a link on our website.


Logo BlackDesigned by a homeschool teenager — get ready to see this new logo everywhere!

Please come check our our new website today! We hope to continue to make MHA a place for EVERY Minnesota Homeschooler!