Intrigued by literature-based learning? Be sure to drop by the BookShark booth at the 2018 MHA Spring Convention at the Mall of America with questions on Monday, Feb. 26 from noon – 8p.m. and Tuesday, Feb. 27 from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.


With BookShark’s literature-rich, programs, your children will read (or have read to them) 35-50 engaging books each year!


BookShark is a four-day, literature-based, faith-neutral curriculum for ages 4-16 — and it’s the only four-day complete curriculum in the market. Programs are available in All-Subject Packages or by individual academic areas: Reading with History, Language Arts, Science, and Math. “With BookShark’s literature-rich, programs, your children will read (or have read to them) 35-50 engaging books each year!” pointed out Lynn Woodley of BookShark.

Visit to browse curriculum, download samples, or request a catalog.

“The BookShark approach provides the best of both worlds—the convenience of all-in-one boxed curriculum and the flexibility of customization and age levels instead of grades,” remarked Woodley. “The fully planned, 4-day homeschool curriculum flexes to match your busy lifestyle. You are prepared to teach in mere minutes each day with the detailed Instructor’s Guides that lay everything out so clearly—open your guide, gather your resources (all included), and go!”

Woodley has been been involved with BookShark since the beginning, originally contracting as a convention rep. Eventually she began working full-time as Product Expert and Charter School Liaison. She is also responsible for managing all conventions and events.

“I love knowing that BookShark curriculum equips thousands of families to homeschool successfully!” said Woodley. “All the planning and organizing is done. Our families open their Instructor’s Guides (IG’s) each Sunday night for about 30 minutes, read all the notes, pull out all the new books, and are ready for the week. Moms start the homeschool week refreshed and ready to teach (and to learn alongside the children, too)!”

She pointed out that the 4-day schedule gives homeschool families freedom to spend their fifth day on an endless array of options from travel to athletics to music. “I sincerely believe that BookShark gives parents the tools they need to avoid burnout so they can continue homeschooling year after year,” stated Woodley.

– Her top 5 favorite books:

  • Walk The World’s Rim
  • Eastern Hemisphere Explorer
  • James Herriot’s Treasury for Children
  • Om-Kas-Toe
  • Seven Daughters and Seven Sons

and the list could go on and on!

Katie, one of the BookShark Convention Reps and a homeschool mom with extensive BookShark experience, will be at MHA Convention. Besides answering questions, Katie will distribute catalogs with special, convention-only coupons and an offer for a free Samuel Morse Telegraph Lesson & Hands-on Kit (mailed to your home).