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Immunization Reporting and Conscientiously Held Beliefs

In Minnesota, all children of school age (including homeschoolers) are encouraged to receive a wide array of vaccinations. Minnesota Statute 121A.15 on immunizations spells out what vaccinations are required. According to that same statute (Minn. Stat. 121A.15, subd. 8) homeschoolers are required to submit an immunization report with their Initial Report to Superintendent when starting out homeschooling, and again with their Letter of Intent to Continue homeschooling at the start of a child’s seventh-grade year.

You may receive a vaccination form from your district. You may also download and use this form from the MN Department of Health.

Parents may omit one or more vaccination(s) if it is against their “conscientiously held beliefs.” The law requires a notarized statement to be submitted on the same schedule in lieu of an immunization form from the parents of children who have not received each of the recommended vaccinations. You can read the details of the requirement in the immunization statute (subd. 3d).

MHA takes no position on whether the full range of vaccinations should be given. Some of our member families give every vaccination, and some do not. However, we were asked to prepare a template that parents could refer to if they wanted to submit a notarized statement of their conscientiously held beliefs. Here is an example of a letter that meets the requirements of the statute:

Immunization Form Template – “Conscientiously Held Beliefs” (PDF)