by Leslie Kleppe, MHA Board member and convention committee member

I love homeschool conventions.  In fact, you might call me a homeschool convention junkie.  I’ve been to MACHE and the Great Homeschool Conventions a handful of times in recent years.  For the Great Homeschool Convention, I packed up my family in the car and drove to Fort Worth, TX (I HAD to see Sarah Mackenzie!).


I consider attending homeschool conventions to be my own personal continuing ed.  I love learning, and really love learning how to help my kids learn. I always pick up a new technique for teaching history, or touch a curriculum I’ve been meaning to pick up.


But, the best part for me is meeting other homeschool moms, sharing a cup of coffee, and chatting in between workshops.


I have a system for attending conventions now.  When I first started, I’d end the day exhausted with a bad headache.  After following the same pattern for two years, I finally figured out a solution.


Here’s how to survive a homeschool convention:

  1. Drink water.  Lots of it.

  2. Step outside and breathe some fresh air.  I can’t believe how much this helps my energy level when I’m at a convention!

  3. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know.  Even if your an extreme introvert, just sit down with someone you don’t know, and say “hello.”  Homeschoolers are a friendly bunch, and you just never know who will inspire (or befriend!) you at a convention.

The MHA Convention is coming up in one month. (More information here.)  I’ve never attended an MHA convention before, but I’m really looking forward to it.  The speakers are brilliant homeschooling moms who are experts in their areas.


Of course, being the planner that I am, I’ve planned out the workshops I’m going to attend.  They sound amazing! Between learning from these women, eating a nourishing lunch at a table surrounded with fellow homeschooling moms while listening to the keynote speaker, shopping at the vendor area, and conversing with moms from around Minnesota, it’s sure to be a wonderful time.


Events like this absolutely fill my cup.  I hope you’ll be there! If you’re a member, be sure to sign up for the Meet and Mingle with Kara Anderson of Homeschool Sisters.  It’ll be a quaint group, a really great opportunity for networking and fellowship with other mamas.