Click here to register for the 2019 MHA Joyul Homeschooling Convention, April 15, at the Midpointe Event Center in St. Paul.

Workshop Descriptions:

  • How Do You Want Your Homeschool to Feel, Keynote by Kara S. Anderson, 12:30-2 pm: We are so busy as homeschoolers. Sometimes, it can feel a little like stepping on a treadmill and just holding on for the next 13-15 years. So have you stopped lately to consider how you want your homeschool to feel? Have you reflected on what called you to this vocation in the first place? If we want to create warm memories with our children, it’s so important to consider what our days together look like – because our days make up the years, and the years go by really, really fast. With practical tips and tons of heart, Kara will remind parents why we need to regularly pause, breathe and reset when we’re homeschooling.
  • Relationships First (They are the key to everything), by Kara S. Anderson, 10:30-11:25am: As homeschooling parents, we take on so much responsibility – it can feel overwhelming. But if we remember to keep relationships at the forefront, we can cover a lot of ground. There are always options for teaching math differently, or helping a struggling reader, but a broken connection with your child is so much harder to fix. Speaking from her years of experience homeschooling her children, and her time as a blogger and podcaster, Kara will inspire parents with real-life examples and practical tips.
  • You Can’t Do It All (and you shouldn’t even try), by Kara S. Anderson, 11:30-12:25: This sounds kind of negative when you first hear it – I shouldn’t even try? Wait a minute, I hear you saying, these are my kids. My most precious gifts. And you’re saying that I shouldn’t even TRY to give them everything? But here’s the thing: Our goal is to keep homeschooling sustainable, right? We’re in this for years, not weeks. And I promise you, if we try to do it all, we will burn out. So in this session, we’ll talk about expectations for ourselves and our children, and how to prioritize when we want to give our kids all we can.
  • Don’t homeschool for the dentist (how to find YOUR people when you’re homeschooling), by Kara S. Anderson, 3-3:55: When we start homeschooling, it can be easy to get distracted by the “socialization” question. But really, we don’t want socialization – we want our kids to have the opportunity to make friends, and we want support for ourselves as homeschool parents. So how do we find the right people to support us? And what do we do when we encounter negative, grouchy or judgmental homeschool families?
  • How Kids Learn Best, by Maren Goerss, 10:30-11:25: You’ve got a curriculum, a co-op, and a planner—but how can you know if your kids are really getting the most out of homeschool? Maren Goerss of the Homeschool Unrefined podcast will walk you through ways to adapt your homeschool to help your kids learn best.
  • How Personality Affects Homeschool by Maren Goerss, 11:30-12:25: Do you want to get the most out of your homeschool?  Feel like you’re working so hard but not quite getting your return on investment?  Explore with Maren Goerss of Homeschool Unrefined why knowing yourself and your kids will help transform your homeschool (and probably your whole life) from surviving to thriving.
  • PSEO Basics for Homeschoolers, by Teresa Ireland of Minnesota West Community College, 4-4:55: Better understand the PSEO program, including qualifying for the program, choosing an institution and types of courses, and connecting with an institution and submitting the proper paperwork. We will also cover frequently asked questions, and other helpful tips for success.
  • The Importance of Music and Movement in Early Childhood, by Jessica Lee of Music Together, 5-6pm: In this workshop you will learn the impact of developmentally appropriate music and movement on a child’s behavior and the parent-child relationship. We will explore how music nurtures creativity, self-expression, and confidence while also supporting social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of our youngest learners. You will walk away with some new songs to sing to your little ones as well as some new ideas on how to implement more music and movement into your daily life.
  • Homeschooling High School by Barbara Hartman, Krista Boos and Amy Pass, 10:30-11:25: Homeschooling high school brings with it unique challenges. Whether you are new to homeschooling or been doing it for years, suddenly you have a whole new learning curve. Transcripts, PSEO, AP, testing, shared-time, online classes, college readiness, getting into college, military and fulfilling the educational needs of a teen who is ready to learn things that surpass our own abilities- can overwhelm even a seasoned homeschooler. Veteran homeschoolers and founders of ExEd Homeschool, Barb Martinez and Krista Boos will touch on all of these issues, offer resources, real-life examples and follow up with a Q and A session with the help of Amy Pass.
  • Special Needs Homeschooling: Child Center Facilitation by Aza Donnelly, 11:30-12:25: Homeschooling a child with special needs can feel overwhelming. When children have multiple needs, it can be a challenge to know where to start and how to fit it all in. Child centered facilitation is a method of assessing and working with your child. Using this system can help children gain the skills that they need in day to day life, and to also pursue their dreams and interests. This homeschooling method has been developed by Aza using her years of experience with Person Centered Planning, a methodology, which  assists adults with disabilities and their support teams in creating their life goals.
  • Lighting the Fire: Cultivating a Love of Literature in Your Homeschool by Rebecca McAllister, 3-3:55:
  • Testing by Ellen Crain, 4-4:55:
  • Preschool and Beyond by Alyson Duneman, 4-4:55: So you know you’re a homeschooler, what now? Let’s talk about it. There’s no better time to know where your going then at the beginning. Whether this is your first, your last or your only, I’ve got oodles of ideas for you. So if you’re a Pinterest mom or an Amazon Prime mom come talk to me about getting messy.
  • Homeschooling 101 by Amy Pass, 3-3:55: Are you considering homeschooling, or just getting started? In this workshop, we will cover: basics of reporting, how to keep records, complying with Minnesota homeschool laws, deschooling and getting started, determining your homeschool style, choosing curriculum and finding community.
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