Science Fair Projects are for Everyone!

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Does a Science Fair project seem intimidating? Well, there is no need to worry. You do not need to invent something entirely new, cure cancer, or end global warming. It doesn’t need to take two months or even an entire week. A couple days or a single and afternoon can be enough time to do a Science Fair Project!

Think of something in the world around you that you are interested in.  Do you have questions about it? If you are doing a research project, a trip to the library plus some time with poster board is all you need. If you are feeling ambitious, build a model of the thing you are studying. If you want to do an experiment, take one of your questions and see if there is a way you can test it out.

Try questions that can fit one of the following formats:

How does _________affect ________?

What type of __________ is the most/strongest/best/ __________?

Record your results, take pictures, write up your findings. Were you able to answer your question? Tell us about it. Make a poster explaining your experiment. Remember, science experiments that don’t go the way the scientist expected are just as valuable as the ones that did. There are no failed experiments! It is all about learning more about the world around us. For further details, check out the Science Fair Handbook For more concrete experiment ideas, try

Registration for the MHA Science Fair is open through February 2nd. Register here

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