by Tesha M. Christensen Pettit, MHA Board President

5) You’ll get a discount to the fabulous upcoming Joyful Homeschoolers Convention April 15 at Midpoint Event Center in St. Paul.

4) You can join us on members-only events, such as the Meet and Mingle dinner during the convention with keynote speaker Kara Anderson of the Homeschooling Sisters. The dinner is just $30. Come on, you know you’ve got that question you’ve been dying to ask her!

3) You’ll get a 122-page members-only handbook that full of tips, real-life stories, and more on homeschooling from preschool to high school. All in one helpful book.

2) You’ll get a member card to flash for fantastic homeschool discounts around town at various museums and more.

1) You’ll be supporting the organization that’s supporting you!

MHA is entirely volunteer led, and your dues will go to support quality programs such as the annual booksale, picnic and science fair — as well as our web site. We’re a pretty lean organization, but we’re also focused on offering things that are affordable. So, if you can pay a little more for membership, then you can know you’re helping someone else in our community who may not be able to afford higher fees for our events — and then we can keep our costs down. It’s a win-win.

Plus, did we mention you get a great membership card? ;)

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