We’re so grateful for our volunteer judges who gave of their time and energy during our science fair.

MHA held its annual Science Fair on Saturday February 17th at the New Brighton Community Center. This was quite literally a big year for the science fair. Our numbers doubled from last year, going from 20 registrations to over 40. Seeing the wonderful variety of projects and talking to the young experimenters and researchers was a delight.

Our winners in the K-3 category were Maria Pierce ‘The World of Mold’, grand champion, and Basil Saathoff ‘The Spicy Treat for Chickens’, reserve grand champion. In the 4-12 category winners were Hannah Rich ‘Organic or Synthetic?’,

Engineering challenge

grand champion, and Iley Dixon ‘How The PH of water affects the longevity of cut flowers’, reserve grand champion. Thanks so much to our volunteer judges, Tim Hereid, Charles Midwinter, Ellen Crain, and Annette Smith for taking on such a large crowd.

This year’s Engineering Challenge was watercraft. The goal was designing watercraft to hold as many pennies as possible using paper cups, straws, plastic wrap and duct tape. John Fields won with 152 pennies. Mary Fields was runner up with 149 pennies.

Special thanks to Como Zoo, BME Lab and Science, The Science Museum of Minnesota, The Minnesota Zoo, The Works, Mindware, and The Minnesota Geological Survey for providing prizes for this year’s Science Fair.

Thanks also to volunteer Science Fair organizers and MHA board members Maria Almli and Ann Klein for their many hours of hard work and behind-the-scenes planning!

The MHA Science Fair and Engineering Challenge are open to students grades K-12. If you are interested in volunteering to help out with next year’s Science Fair and Engineering Challenge, please contact us at mha@homeschoolers.org.


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