The popular MHA Convention returns! And you won’t want to miss it!!   There will be lots of fun activities for the whole family, helpful workshops, awesome homeschool vendors and best of all, it’s FREE. Plus, there’s tons going on at the Mall of America that week as its HOMESCHOOL WEEK!

Curious as to what the workshops offered will be? Read on!


Ellen Crain, MHA board member

Got questions about homeschooling? Not sure how to start? What about testing? And socialization? And record keeping? Attend the Homeschooling 101 session taught by Ellen Crain and Erin Souster and leave prepared to start homeschooling! 11:15-12:30.


Kathleen Lawler

Kathleen Lawler of RightStart Mathematics will be presenting two workshops!

Teach Math to a Child With Learning Challenges, 11:15-12:15
Teaching is not for the faint of heart. Mix in a child with learning challenges and you may end up becoming very discouraged, and possibly, ready to throw in the towel. Be encouraged, you are NOT alone. Whether your child has been diagnosed with a learning challenge or simply doesn’t “get” math, come to this workshop to learn some teaching strategies and techniques. Help your child overcome those learning challenges and succeed in math.

Let’s Play Math Games, 1:15-2:15
Are you tired of flashcards? Does your child cry when you give another timed math fact test? Are you beating your head against the wall because your child can’t seem to remember the multiples of 7? This workshop will show you fabulous and effective alternatives to worksheets and flashcards by playing easy and fun math card games. Imagine your kids asking to practice their math facts more! Come and discover games to help your child learn their math facts.

Meet Kathleen Lawler
Kathleen Cotter Lawler travels all across the US and Canada helping parents teach their children to understand, apply, and enjoy mathematics. Kathleen has a degree in Home Economics from the University of Minnesota and has two Masters Degrees from the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Kathleen is the mother of four children ages 22 to 26. Three of the Lawler children have graduated from North Dakota State University, the youngest is a senior at the University of Minnesota, and her grandson is starting first grade. In her spare time, Kathleen designs and creates quilts and is re-learning how to unicycle.


Brave Writer Julie Bogart will be presenting our Keynote and three workshops! Wow!

The Enchanted Education, 9:30, followed by a booksigning
The fantasy homeschool that lives in your imagination is a good one. It’s haunted by a invisible spirit called “The Ghost of Public School Past.” Her name is Mrs. Cox, she holds a red pen, she whispers in your left ear: “By this age in school, your child would already be…” Make it stop! That voice leads you to do all kinds of schoolish activities in the name of taking education seriously. It also leads to all kinds of unhappiness, tedium, and feelings of failure. What would happen if you could brush her off your shoulder? What if you could follow the fragile, bright vision you have of how life at home could be? Inspire an enchanted learning journey in your home!

Partnership Writing: The Missing Link in Writing Education, 11:15-12:30
Your child struggles to get words on the page, yet you feel guilty about offering help. Is it cheating to do the handwriting for him? When your child revises a draft, is it okay for you, the parent, to make suggestions or contribute sentences and ideas? Partnering with your child in writing means to model, support, and guide the writing process by supplying the appropriate amount of help to the evident level of need. Julie shares concrete steps you can take to partner with your child from kindergarten all the way through high school. Partnering with your child protects your relationship while growing the writer. Partnership Writing is the most overlooked stage of development in writing. Learn to be the partner your child needs and deserves.

The Secrets to Breakthroughs in Writing, 2-3pm
Programs, curriculum, homeschool gurus—they all miss it. Yet it’s so simple! Find out what professional writers know about writing instruction that educators often miss. You’ll walk away from this seminar knowing exactly what to do to change the dynamic around writing in your family…for good. In fact, you can turn your writing program around in one step, once you know what it is and follow through. The good news is: anyone can apply this principle to writing (you don’t have to be an expert writer yourself). By the end of the session, you’ll have an 8-week writing plan to use right away—no purchase necessary! End the hand-wringing and tears for good.

Don’t Let High School Writing Scare You, 3:15-4:30
If you and I had dinner together, I could teach you the essay format on the back of a napkin! What’s missing in most writing programs for high school is teaching insight generation. This session will focus on how to grow your teen’s rhetorical imagination so that your student has something of worth to put in all those essays. Julie will share tools and strategies for expanding your teen’s world through research, risky thinking, and writing. We’ll also look at the unique and delicate dynamics of parenting teens while teaching them at the same time.

Meet Julie Bogart
Julie Bogart is the popular voice of common sense and compassion in the homeschool community. She’s the creator of the innovative writing program called Brave Writer and the popular fast-growing practice called Poetry Teatime. She home educated her five children for 17 years who are now globe-trotting adults.Julie draws from her work with tens of thousands of homeschool families over the last 20+ years, and her own homeschool journey to enrich the homeschool and parenting experience. Her writing program includes award-winning online writing classes and paradigm-shifting writing manuals that allow parents and kids to become allies in the writing process.Credentials: Professional writing, ghost-writing, editing. International homeschool speaker. Author of over 200 pieces of homeschool curricula, selling over 100,000 copies, including her core instruction manual and manifesto: The Writer’s Jungle. BA UCLA; MA Xavier University


Aza Donnelly, MHA board treasurer

Special Needs Homeschooling Discussion: Deschooling to create space for self-determination, advocacy and learning by Aza Donnelly and Erin Souster, 3:15-4:30pm


Amy Pass, MHA board secretary

How to Homeschool High School, 1:50-3:30, Amy Pass, Tiffany Skidmore




Brave Homeschoolers

Monday, Feb. 26-Tuesday, Feb. 27
Mall of America and Radisson Blu
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